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The September Meeting of the City Island Civic Association will take place on Tuesday, September 27th, at 7:30 p.m. at 190 Fordham Street. We welcome your input and attendance and we need your help.

There is no guest scheduled to speak.

Updates from our officers, committee reports on Crime, Development, Quality of Life and Traffic, and an open public forum for residents to address their grievances.

We will update members on nominations for important officer positions for First Vice President, Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary.

Per a request at our last meeting, a letter has been sent to the New York City Department of Transportation for the agency to study putting speed humps on King Avenue between Ditmars and Fordham Streets.

An update will be given about the Library Bar recently re-applying for a liquor license. A meeting was held at Community Board #10, the applicant decided not to attend. A motion is going forward to reject this application. The establishment was nuisance abated and the license unable to be reactivated due to the efforts of the 45thPrecinct, Captain Russell Green, and State Senator Jeff Klein.

We will discuss the proposal for a day rehabilitation program for twenty-five adult developmentally disabled individuals at 532 City Island Avenue. The program will be operated by Metro New York DDSO. All of the individuals are Bronx residents. A meeting is being scheduled with the provider at Community Board #10 for all those interested in this matter.

We enjoy a close working relationship with the 45th Precinct, here’s an update on crime affecting our community:

2 cases of death: accidental drowning related to Hurricane Irene, and a death of natural causes

1 case of assault: off Island male

1 case of driving while intoxicated

3 cases of property damage (all auto mobile related)

1 case of driving with a suspended license

“This year, the City Island Theater Group is thrilled to partner with the City Island Community Center on their annual HAUNTED HOUSE. Since 1997, The HAUNTED HOUSE has been an annual tradition on City Island. People from all over the Bronx come to City Island to experience this scary good time. CITG is looking for volunteer actors to play scary characters in the HAUNTED HOUSE.” Contact the Theatre group at PO Box 45 | Bronx, NY 10464 or

Other matters slated to be discussed:

Update on the Italian Hospital’s Society’s proposal for senior housing.

Reports of credit card fraud affecting City Islanders

Late night trespassing onto Pelham Cemetery

New store opening at Schofield Street and City Island Avenue

City Island Civic Association Meeting Minutes August 30, 2011

The meeting was brought to order at 7:32 pm by Bill Stanton, president, and the reading of the July minutes was waived and the minutes accepted as distributed. Tom Smith, treasurer, reported that there was $ 14,875.29 in the regular Civic account and $10,084 in the SONE account, most of which was funding deposited by the 33 Tier Street owners association to prevent development of the Tier Street wetlands.

​Crime: Bill Stanton reported that although the NYPD seemed not to address the suspected drug dealers at the Laurels for months, the individuals have now moved away, presumably because of the media attention. It has been reported that kids are now loitering in the cemetery at night; others are also using it as a dog park. There are now four police cars dedicated to the island. Graffiti activity has increased but residents are urged to report incidents so they can be cleaned up. The new HOTLINE is 888-374-3784 is to report suspected drug activity please get a name of the person you are speaking to with complaint number. All reports can be anonymous.

Barbara Dolensek read a note from John Doyle, who reported that Senator Klein had met with community leaders last week about the senior housing project; the senator agreed that changes would have to be made since the size and scope of the project are not acceptable to the community. The senator’s funding was based on its being a nursing home, not a market-rate apartment building, so the present project would not be eligible for financial support. It was moved and voted that the Civic write a letter to Dr. Mignone expressing the disapproval of the project, with copies to elected officials and Community Board 10. The Library Bar has been closed, and the application for a new liquor license is being reviewed. John reminded homeowners that anyone with problems relating to home insurance should call Senator Klein’s office. FEMA money is available for disaster areas.

It was noted that a number of residents have had their credit cards copied and fake charges applied; this may be the result of theft of numbers from the credit card companies. Everyone was advised to check credit card statements regularly and alert the bank immediately if there is any suspicious activity.

Other issues of quality of life include the fact that some residents appear to be operative car repair on residential streets, which is illegal. The issue of tow trucks being parked overnight in residential areas was raised, as there is a loophole in the law that seems not to regard them as commercial vehicles. It was noted that the Department of Consumer Affairs needs to inspect and approve the new auto body facility that has been put on Schofield Street.

A petition signed by residents of King Avenue in support of a speed bump on the road near the cemetery was presented to the Civic, and it was voted that the Civic write a letter to the DOT and to Council Member James Vacca. The clothing bins next to the IGA are now gone; these were not for charity but for profit and are not allowed in a residential area. Rat Island and the stores along the east side of City Island Avenue between Hawkins and Carroll Streets are being auctioned off in front of the stores in September.

The Civic officers continue to pursue issues of illegal apartments in the apartment buildings and homes; it was noted that P.S. 175 is now a title 1 school, which means that 42 percent of the student body qualifies for reduced lunch.

A nominating committee for the three Civic offices (first vice president, treasurer, corresponding secretary) that are up for election for terms beginning in 2012 was established, with Helen Anderson as the chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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