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Public health officials are warning that a bacterial pneumonia first identified after an outbreak at an American Legion meeting back in 1976, has reappeared in The Bronx and fear that it could be spreading. It is found chiefly by water droplets through air conditioning and similar systems.

Thirty-one cases in The Bronx sections of High Bridge, Morrisania, Hunts Point and Mott Haven have been treated, according to Health Department officials. Two of the people stricken have died.

New York City health officials investigating outbreak of Legionnaires' disease reported in the South Bronx via @ABC7NY

CNN: Two dead in Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New York

Dozens Sickened Amid 'Unusual' Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak in Bronx, 2 Dead: Officials | NBC New York… via @nbcnewyork

University employee tests positive for Legionnaires’ disease… via @washtimes

31 Cases Of Legionnaires’ Disease Reported In South Bronx « CBS New York

DOH Confirms Legionnaires' Cases in the South Bronx:

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The Planned Parenthood official says the organization is “very, very sensitive” about being perceived as illegally profiting from organ sales and charges only for the cost, for instance, of shipping the tissue.

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