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THE BRONX COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY'S Commemorative Poe Cottage Paver Project

Purchase a Poe Paver - Support this 
Valuable Community Resource, which costs $ 250.00
The Bronx County Historical Society has undertaken an exciting new project based on the sale of inscribed commemorative pavers that are to be laid near the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage in 
Poe Park. The inscribed pavers will become a personal remembrance that will be seen and appreciated by current and future generations. Revenues derived from the sale of these pavers 
will be used for the support of the Edgar Allan Poe endowment and the general purposes of the Poe Cottage landmark.

Your name (or that of your family, organization, or event) will be etched on each Poe Paver you purchase. Name(s) and/or date(s) to be inscribed: 2 lines; 16 letters, including spaces per line.

 All purchases are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Bronx County
Historical Society
3309 Bainbridge Avenue
The Bronx, New York 10467
(718) 881-8900