Bonobo Blues

Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/22/2021 - 04:33

There is a difference between Bonobos and chimpanzees. Although they look very similar and both share 98.7 percent of their DNA with humans making the two species our closest living relatives. Bonobos are usually a bit smaller, leaner and darker than chimpanzees.

Their society is also different bonobo groups tend to be more peaceful and are led by females. They also maintain relationships and settle conflicts through sex.

Civil unrest and increasing poverty in the area around the bonobos’ forests have contributed to bonobo poaching and deforestation. Though the size of the bonobo population is largely unknown, it has likely been declining for the last 30 years. Scientists believe that the decline will continue for the next 45 to 55 years due to the bonobo’s low reproductive rate and growing threats.

The Democratic Republic of Congo's vast Salonga game reserve is removed from #UNESCO's list of threatened site. Salonga is Africa's largest protected rainforest and home to 40 percent of the Earth's bonobo apes

The first lethal attacks by chimpanzees on gorillas in the wild observed and scientists fear that depleted food stocks could be to blame.