Blue Horizon Waves

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What happens when an administration and their Grand Old Party, which is in control fails to serve We The People? Stay tuned for a blue wave approaching over the horizon.

The message from the billionaire-led donors to @POTUS, @HouseGOP, and @SenateGOP in the Republican-controlled Congress it helped to shape was clear: Pass a tax overhaul, or else. So they did and there lies the problem. They made their bed and now are sleeping in for the time being.

Democrats are pointing to the way Republicans have been ruining the federal government. The future is female as six women won Pennsylvania Democratic US House primaries. That state's current representatives are all men.

Democrats are expected to crush Republicans in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. The party is looking at a big beautiful blue wave and so far Democrats have enjoyed extremely successful special elections, improving on their margin in contested seats by 13.3 points above the 2016 results. Based on these results, it is signaling the largest ever blue wave. There have only been two larger swings, in 1994 and 2010, when Republicans picked up 54 and 63 House seats, respectively.

Democrats have identified five US Senate candidates they will be focusing on to start.

Beto O'Rourke, Texas - The small business owner and three-term Congressman from the 16th district is facing incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

Jacky Rosen, Nevada - The computer programmer, software developer and Congresswoman from the 3rd district is facing incumbent Senator Dean Heller.

Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona - The former social worker, professor, lawyer and Congresswoman from the 15th district is facing Republican congresswoman Martha McSally.

Jon Tester, Montana - Montana's senior Senator is a former farmer and school teacher now running for a third term against the winner of the June 5th GOP primary.

Phil Bredesen, Tennessee - The former mayor, governor, and businessman is running against GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

However, the camp pain will be difficult. There will be battlegrounds as the GOP builds massive shadow army in a fight for the House

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