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Do you value social media and are curious about finding out how you can generate more interest for your business? Think about writing a blog on City Island Images.

Writing a blog can do a world of good for every business. It provides a unique opportunity to elaborate and describe in your words and in detail exactly what you do and how you service your customers.

It's also a fantastic way to share your knowledge with people and attract a following. A blog regularly and routinely updated can be a vital piece to any online marketing strategy.

Here are a few reasons we believe more businesses should get blogging right away.

Writing a blog that grows interest has the ability to create an aura of authority around your business. Others will begin respecting your knowledge and trusting what you have to say–even if you already have authority in your industry.

Answering people's questions goes a long way in making your business look reputable and respected. Use your blog as a source of information to begin growing your authority online.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about improving your rankings on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. There are a number of ways to go about this, some more complex than others. A simple way is through the publishing of articles on a blog.

By updating your site with new information and blog posts, it tells the search engines that your page is not static and is regularly updated. This increases the number of links your page has, as well as the ability for other sites to link back to it.

Content on your blog makes for great social media ideas. You can encourage your audience on different social media sites to read your blog posts. This has the ability of expanding your readership and encouraging social sharing.

If people like what you have to say on Facebook or Twitter, they will likely enjoy reading what you have to say on our City Island Images platform. People love sharing newsworthy and helpful content on social media.

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