Blessings and Glory

Submitted by ub on Sun, 12/20/2015 - 14:50

I thank you Lord for family, health, friendships, fantastic folks sharing joy and good will on earth. Some call me GB or UB, but its all about BG. blessings and glory.

My wife YIRIONG SOTO is an amazingly attractive woman. She is a wonderful friend and spouse, a dear daughter and devoted mom to Yiliang, our handsome and independent young man, who's managed good grades and stayed out of teenage troubles. As Chairman of The Board, she is my CEO, better half, loving partner, while professionally growing in the finance industry. She has and shares an endless number of talents from music up to and including multiple handicrafts. She is also my co-pilot and co-star in life.

My eldest and delightful daughter, NATASHA YUSTA appears to have an endless amount of energy, by running marathons, swimming with family, holding a household together. with a little help from her mom. They are constantly taking mu grandchildren children to multiple events and outings, loving my gorgeous and sweet Elena, Chloe, Sophia, Parker and Charlie, while performing the tasks of as a good wife, a professional sales manager, with outstanding results, in addition to being the capable administrator of a highly successful catering business and still managing the role of Super-Mom, Wife and Daughter, while still managing to look like a billion bucks.

My baby and equally delightful daughter, SABRINA SOTO gave birth to Olivia one month ago. Immediately, my healthy, gorgeous granddaughter was featured on a few popular websites. Sabrina and Steve have amazingly managed this major production, while they continue building a brand. Sabrina Soto has appeared on multiple TV programs, while updating media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others as well as her own websites, with thousands of regular followers.

Please forgive the long list but they are special me. What I do, who I am and no matter how far life takes me, my love and admiration wont change. Please, if you see me, please say hi, hola, or ni hao. If not, reach out and check in on social media. Roberto FE Soto

The key to success is good health and to enjoy our family's love, without monetary dependency, or support.
I praise my parents for this great honor and I give thanks to GOD for these special blessings! AMEN