A Big Bull Story

Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/25/2021 - 15:15

No, this is certainly not fake news and it isn't a late Aril Fools story. Have you heard the one about Barney, the lonely bull?

Barney the Bull has eluded capture after his farm escape. The 680kg lonely bull apparently likes his freedom as he keeps roaming around Long Island, NY. Barney is not thought to be aggressive towards humans until he gets hungry or HORNY!





On this Sunday a sacrificial bull that escaped before a religious rite could be performed on him has roamed a portion of Long Island eluding capture since Tuesday.

Barney the bull Barney has been spotted walking through fields, roads, and suburban front yards. Last week's escape briefly shut down the Sunrise Highway. The bull is roaming around a part of Long Island that features dense underbrush and pine barrens. The dense vegetation has hindered the search.