Bad Boy Brian Raw

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Brian Douglas Wilson, founding member, and composer of The Beach Boys talks about his professional past and present.

Big and bad boy Brian had a complicated life. He learned to partner with other band members to write originals for the band. That includes many of my favorite songs for the American Superstar group.

Wilson was attracted to the harmony inspiration that came from the Four Freshmen.…

The Beach Boys' studio work, and lyrical messaging, was a total triumph and a happy balance of both art and commercial appeal.…………

While serving as AP Bureau Chief in NYC, I had the good fortune of being invited to Brian’s celebration at Radio City Music Hall. I said invited for a reason. The publicist for David Crosby and Billies Joel, among many others happens to be a longtime friend. I was introduced to Michael Jensen by my longtime NBC colleague GTM, whom I had the pleasure of producing content with at The Source in the 80s. When a member of the press saw me there, the jealousy got the best of them and when a complaint was made, at the end of the day, they had to eat crow.