Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/24/2012 - 23:48

IF the NYPD, or perhaps another government agency is watching you, here is your chance to catch them. Find out if you are under government surveillance for any of the following reasons. It could be your political, or religious activities. File a Freedom of Information request and find out now.

According to recent reports by The Associated Press, state law enforcement agencies are using expanded powers after 9/11 to target peaceful religious and political protest groups for infiltration and surveillance. Muslim student organizations, community groups and even small businesses have been targeted for police surveillance based solely on the religious beliefs of the communities they serve and without any suspicion that anyone has engaged in unlawful conduct.

New York has a long, proud history of robust political dissent. Freedom of Information requests shine a light on the government practice of surveillance. Since the days of the Red Squads when police intelligence units used to infiltrate political groups solely because they were critical of the government, the NYCLU has defended the right to dissent by making public the practices used and the files held by the police. Today, these requests should once again force the FBI, NYPD and other local law enforcement agencies to turn over their records on New Yorkers.

The federal Freedom of Information Act and the New York Freedom of Information Law are powerful legal tools to compel the government to disclose information. If you are a person or organization engaged in political protest or dissent, you can file your own request to find out if the government is spying on you.