A Power Couple

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One time pageant winners former Miss Argentina and Puerto Rico say they got married in secret after privately dating for years.

Since some are all talking about how awesome two beauty queens should be, here’s a recent image to being two of the most exciting female power couples to watch.

These two global pageant winners are showing love knows no national boundaries. Fabiola Valentín, 22, and Mariana Varela, 26, met back in 2020 during the Miss Grand International competition when they wound up on the Top 10 of #MGI.

The power couple often posted about their friendship on social media, but never publicly shared that they are The Two Amigas, Amores y Esposas.

These Latina beauty queens confirmed their relationship and their wedding in a joint Instagram Reel posted to their combined quarter of a million followers.

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal they secretly got married https://trib.al/x0wWFJi

A new power couple has taken the stage after a former Miss Argentina and former Miss Puerto Rico shocked and delighted fans by revealing that they're married. https://cnn.it/3fqLAKd

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina announce they secretly got married

The couple, who met at a beauty pageant in Thailand in 2020, had kept their relationship a secret but have now revealed the happy news on Instagram.  https://news.sky.com/story/miss-puerto-rico-and-miss-argentina-announce…

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