Ukraine U Turn

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/12/2022 - 22:50

Vladimir Putin’s Russian military power has failed to live up to his self-described power and the Ukrainians are deflating his inflations.

Vlad is not only a little liar, but In plain English and vernacular, Putin is getting his tiny ass kicked in by the Ukrainian forces who outnumber and have overpowered the Russian Bear turning it into a scared and retrieving puppy.

The dictator in The Kremlin's refusal to back down allowed him to fake worldwide Russian strength. But facing repeated setbacks in his Ukraine invasion, this little big man is looking more like a hoax, a fake, and a weak loser. All right-wing 'useful idiots' backing Putin in the war against Ukraine should have their collective asses kicked in as well.

A Ukrainian counter-attack forced Russian troops into a rapid retreat. Meanwhile, More than 30 officials from large metropolitan Russian regions including Moscow and St. Petersburg have signed an official petition calling on the Russian leader's immediate resignation.

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EMPTY EMPIRE In the aftermath of Putin’s catastrophic war on Ukraine, Russia will never be the same.