US Secret Service Plot?

Submitted by ub on Fri, 07/15/2022 - 03:35

What secrets is the US Secret Service hiding about the former president? This cannot be allowed to proceed without real answers.

If the destruction of potentially vital evidence about an attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government is a severe federal crime the US Justice Department must investigate. It is unacceptable that the Secret Service continues to destroy evidence. The latest action was messages from January 5-6.

Evidence suggesting the U.S. Secret Service's culpability in the events of January six. Now we learn USSS may have deliberately destroyed evidence It knew was needed for a federal investigation.

Consider the following scenario: This may be tied to the fear that VP Pence had a possible plot to be “kidnapped” from the scene so he was unable to fulfill his duties which he was determined to carry out.

It makes sense and Mike Pence sensed it or knew about it and that is why he would not get inside a car with the Secret Service. Did he inherently know Trump did not want him to do his job and did he also know what Trump might go to get his way that fateful day? Did he also fear that the Secret Service was under Trump’s total control? This may seem like a TV script but it could have been a final apprentice reality show. No wonder USSS had a central casting look.

The former guy lives in a total fantasy land where he controls everything. Kinda like the dream life of a kid that got thrown into military school by his papa and that was the beginning of our end.

USSS deletes 1/6/21 related text messages

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DHS watchdog: Secret Service deleted Jan. 5 and 6 text messages after investigators requested records 

Secret Service says it can’t recover texts; National Archives seeks details

The government’s chief record-keeper asked the agency to report back to the Archives within 30 days about “the potential unauthorized deletion” of agency text messages.…

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