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A NY DA named Bragg made sure March ended with a lying braggadocious guy named Trump in on the lamb in Florida?

The announcement's timing was a surprise—Trump predicted he would be arrested last Tuesday and called for protests, but no indictment was made. 

The NY District Attorney alleges that Trump violated campaign finance laws by reimbursing his former lawyer Michael Cohen for a $130K payment to Stormy for her reportedly sexual acts and for staying quiet about it in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. See an overview of the case here. Our sources assure #CityImages that the former guy will be tried as an adult if he behaves like a grownup.

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Not only has the former guy continued repeating lies, but he is also making many claims that have been fact-checked before — he also made new false and unsupported statements, including about his legal troubles.

When he and Hannity discussed the FBI search for classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, Trump brought up an $18 million settlement in a case about former President Richard Nixon’s presidential materials. As interesting as Nixon's case was, our team found that it has no parallels to Trump’s situation -- despite the impression he gave viewers.

In addition, immigration experts told our fact-checkers that there is no evidence that South American countries are emptying their prisons and “mental institutions” and sending those people to the U.S., as Trump claimed.

Likewise, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher informed our team that there is no evidence for Trump's claim that the number of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. is “probably” five times higher than the government's official figure.

For a complete analysis -- including the claims Trump won’t stop repeating -- read "FactChecking Trump’s Rally, Fox Interview." And for information on the events leading to his indictment