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After working in NYC for over a decade and then moving out to the West Coast for business reasons, I moved to The Bronx.

More than three stooges will try to persuade you they know the top places...

  1.  According to #Brick Underground, claims the best place to live is in Riverdale. However, #Curbd refers to Bedford Park as “a peaceful enclave in the Bronx.” Situated in the northwest corner of the borough, it was originally a farming community, but the addition of a thoroughbred horse racetrack began attracting the wealthy in the late 1800s. Other notables include
    • Belmont is home to Arthur Avenue, which is often referred to as the Bronx’s “Little Italy,” Belmont has strong Puerto Rican and Albanian influences too.
    • Best Bronx Neighborhoods Fordham has seen much change over the years. It was originally a farming area, but then drew in middle-class families from Manhattan, which resulted in the emergence of mass transit. It is popular for its Old Fordham Village, the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Park, and last but not least Fordham University
    • Highbridge is quite a unique neighborhood. With the Harlem River and Upper Manhattan to the east and Yankee Stadium in the valley, it has been isolated for the most part and escaped gentrification for years.
    • Baychester is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Northeast Bronx where you commonly find affordable single and two-family housing.
    • Morris Park is in the Southeast Bronx, Morris Park was once an Italian American neighborhood and is now home to a large Hispanic or Latino population with several apartment buildings and single-family housing.

Since I always put my money where my mouth is, I bought my condo and paid it off in COLD CASH. Friends are amazed whenever they visit, whether arriving from Asia, The Middle East, Florida, or California. My Hollywood amigo liked it so much, he made a movie about it.  #CityIsland

I moved here to build and launch News 12 The Bronx. When Billionaire Chuck Dolan hired me I felt that his other cable channels had too many white folks working there and I was going to hire a staff that would reflect the county's diversity. There are also a series of online news outlet available

I chose live on City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise. I can honestly say that it is the best neighborhood in New York City.

The Bronx is NYC's northernmost borough, and the only one attached to the USA mainland and a must-see and be, thanks to all it has to offer. Vacationers will find the incredible culinary scene, with some of the best Italian, Latino, and soul food. It boasts a long history, numerous outdoor activities, and gorgeous art galleries.

The Bronx has a reputation for being one of the toughest spots in NYC. And there are indeed dangerous spots here, but no more than in other big cities in the United States. 

Even the NYC subway can be safe and enjoyable to ride; especially the #6 train, which takes you to City Island, the eastern section of the borough.

It's all about how tourists and residents handle themselves and their surroundings. If you hear someone say they are hungry either give them money for something to eat or avoid them, but do not attack.

The BoogiedownBronx is the birthplace of hip-hop, also home to NYC's largest Pelham Bay Park and America’s largest zoo,

The Bronx is known for some of the prettiest green spaces, including the New York Botanical Garden as well as famous for being home to Yankee Stadium.

Settled first, the West Bronx was annexed to New York City in 1874, is decidedly more urban, and has hillier terrain. It can be further divided into the Northwest Bronx and Southwest Bronx, as split by Fordham Road. Those who would like to live in Manhattan, but are priced out, as well as those with a commute to Manhattan, typically settle in West Bronx.

The East Bronx is generally suburban and has a more coastal vibe. It was annexed to NYC in 1895 and can be further divided into the Northeast Bronx and Southeast Bronx, as split by Pelham Parkway. Even though West Bronx is closer to Manhattan, commutes are still manageable from some parts of East Bronx, particularly with the addition of ferry service from Soundview to Manhattan, which dropped some commutes from nearly two hours to about 45 minutes.