The Tempest

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This world is a wicked place with lots of evil people ( “devils” ). You don't have to go to “hell” to meet them. They are here.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

The Republican Party is shipwrecked and tormented by an old man who is the leader of the GOP and all his slaves?

The quote above Is from Shakespeare, specifically from The Tempest. Ariel is describing the shipwreck to Prospero who has conjured up the storm by magic and tells of how one of the panicked, frightened crew members said this, being terrified by the strange sights and noises in the rigging of the ship.

The Tempest is a play by English playwright William Shakespeare, probably written in 1610–1611, and thought to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote.


The symbolic meaning of the play is the relationships between many of the characters are as chaotic as a violent storm. Nothing goes smoothly for anyone, even the would-be puppet-master. He has to endure a mutiny that nearly throws all his plans awry.

Throughout all of this, we see Prospero's extreme anger towards his family before eventually subsiding as a storm does.
As we can see, the literal tempest exposed the underlying stormy relationships between nearly every character in the play. In this sense, it is a very appropriate title.…

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