Seeing is Believing

Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/26/2022 - 09:08

Seeing is believing is a saying that reportedly goes back to The Bible when Apostle Thomas said, ‘Unless I see I will not believe.’

For this, he has become forever known as ‘Doubting Thomas’. But is it true that seeing is believing? 

What about when we watch a magician perform a trick? What we see is an illusion. And, what about when people are convicted of a crime on eyewitness testimony? We know there are many cases of mistaken identity. 

Drone Photos To Send Shivers Down Our Spine

Yes, to see for yourself is important but, if what we see is all that we believe is true, then we are left with huge amounts of things we cannot believe. For instance, I cannot see the air but I breathe it every few seconds.

Long gone are the days of buying a throw-away camera, taking pictures, and then heading to a shop to have them developed. Now, within a couple of seconds, you can take a picture and see the instant results. And if that wasn't enough, along came the drone. With the power of flight photographers and amateurs alike began seeing the world from a brand new perspective - and in the process seeing some totally unexpected things. These photos captured the attention of millions who couldn't believe what they were seeing and sent shivers down everyone's spine.

These drones caught wildlife moments rarely seen by humans.…