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Mass shootings, killer tornadoes, are America's significant threat to our innocent and defenseless citizens, so Congress must act.

Write your US Senator and Representative to demand their immediate action.

How will the expansion of assault rifle sales and Tornado Alleys nationwide affect residents of the United States of America?

Another mass shooting involved an attacker killing and injuring innocent individuals simultaneously using a firearm. 
A military-style gun has no legitimate civilian use — yet about 1 in 20 Americans own one.

The unrelenting pace of mass shootings in 2023…

A look at mass school shootings. 175 people have died in 15 incidents since 1999…;

Why do Americans own AR-15s? The Washington Post and Ipsos asked nearly 400 AR-15 owners why they own the rifle

On the other hand, a tornado also affects innocent and unarmed individuals who are powerless to defend themselves.

Dangerous storms and tornadoes may target Midwest and South.…

Finally, according to a recent State of Journalism report from Muck Rack, layoffs and furloughs have increased the workload for about 20percent of journalists. One in five of the 2,200 journalists surveyed reported switching jobs or making a career change due to the economy. It’s no surprise that layoffs are both in the news and affecting the lives of the people who report the news. None of this is good news for America.