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While rebuilding Spanish language Television, I was attracted to a New Mexican motion picture that I wish to share with you today.

In 1987 I left NBC News for Noticiero SIN which soon became Univision and then NetSpan which was rebranded Telemundo. That same year, the following film was released by Televisa, my former employer, which has owned Unisiovion off and on over the years.


Music composer, maestro Alvaro Carrillo together with Jose Jose. prínce among singers 
bring us smiles and deep sighs and belief in love, faith in romance and hope. 

This is a work of art that should be declared a national heritage of Mexico. 

From NYC A Cuban-American who is also a fan of its beautiful culture and Great 
Artists. Thank you for teaching the world what Love is.


My flavor (Translation) Sabor a mi

We enjoyed this love for so long

And our souls got so close that now

I carry your flavor

But you also

Carry mine

If you were to deny my presence in your life

I'd just need to embrace you and talk to you 

I gave you so much life

That whether you like it or not

Now you carry my flavor

It's not my intention to be your owner

I'm nothing, I don't possess any vanity

I always give the best of my life

Because I'm poor so what else could I give?

Many more than a thousand years will pass, and many more

And I don't know if love exists in the eternity

But there, just like here

In your mouth, you will carry

My flavor

The original song as sung by its author in Spanish