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Ain't no sunshine till he's gone -  Finally once and for all away from The State Capitol of Florida's Sunshine State of confusion.

Who’s middle name is a tribute to the singer Dion DiMucci? Wonder Why. That's My Desire Where Or When?

Being an Unlikable Jerk Not Working Out So Well for Ron DeSantis After the 2022 midterm elections, the broad consensus among Republicans and the conservative media was that Donald Trump was finished and Ron DeSantis was the future of the GOP.

Orlando Sentinel



Now: Only helping 1 in 12 Orlando renters
Now: Highest rent increases in the US are in Orange County
Now: homelessness is increasing.
Now: the only help is to cut taxes on diapers and dog food
Now: 25,000 new affordable housing units are planned but need
440,000 + units
Now: renters can pay deposits monthly to increase the rent but never
get refunds for that deposit
Now: No rent control allowed by cities, etc. (60% of Orange Co voters
passed rent caps and other areas have also).
Now: NO help with high electric bills or food costs or gas or
insurance or housing costs
Now: the state budget for a housing trust fund to help the homeless is


ALL Fl public school teachers through 12th grade CAN NOT talk
about sexual orientation or gender identity (related books are
Now: books can be removed within 5 days if 1person objects to it
Now: Dept of Education must approve all Books in schools


Now Cannot be removed or destroyed- only can be moved to
similar nice place.

DeSantis attacks all Dems & says D are “roadkill” and “dead
carcass on the side of the road”

DeSantis traveled to Japan, S. Korea, Israel, & Great Britain BUT
did not go to Ft. Lauderdale after the historic floods.
DeSantis waits more than a week to ask for federal help for floods
No FL alert about new Fl omicron subvariant COVID virus in Fl.
DeSantis Hides all his travels (future and past) from public
(including money spent and who he sees)
DeSantis bans the use of Fl the 200 million dollars of state drones
made in China (law enforcement says they are the best)
DeSantis wants Private Army -a huge expense even though we have
State Guard
DeSantis takes control of Space Florida so he could put his own
people in charge
New law to limit unions functioning in FL

VI. DISNEY and other parks
DeSantis vows to get even with Disney (biggest state taxpayer- over
$1 Bil)
Now: 99% of Florida companies pay NO corporate income taxes...
EBay made a $34 million FL profit in 2014 & paid $18,810 in taxes.
Sanofi Pasteur Inc. (vaccines) had $55 mil in 2008-2013 & $ 0 tax
Mastercard said it had NO FL sales & did not pay a tax of $20 mil.
Verizon Wireless: said profit not from FL & did not pay $28 mil tax

HCA Healthcare, Inc. moved money through subsidiaries to save
more than $28 million.
DeSantis threatened to build a prison near Disney
Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis and his board for taking
over Reedy Creek board.
DeSantis and his board file lawsuit against Disney
DeSantis’ 2 New Disney Board members history: 1 claims bad water
makes gays, other is anti-Dems
Universal got $17 million tax breaks claiming the park is in a blighted
area. Roughly half of all tax incentives in the entire state go to
Universal between 2014-2022. Universal does give huge freebies to
Fl legislators.
Safer park rides bill allows NO public disclosures of serious faults
DeSantis claims Disney is the only park with a special exemption but the
Villages and Daytona race track get special perks
Now: DeSantis bill allows inspections of Disney’s monorail but not
for any other businesses. Inspectors can shut down all 14.7 miles if
they want.

Now: MORE state oversight over college curriculum, campus
programming, and faculty hiring and firing because they are “woke”
Now: strict regulations about university and college tenure; harder
to reverse a termination; DeSantis appoints college presidents
Now: not allowing any “woke” college board classes
Now: DeSantis took over control of New College because he says
College is to WOKE and puts its people in charge

Now: DeSantis wants a gambling industry consultant as president of
Fl Atlantic UN
Now: DeSantis denies instating tuition to Florida Dreamer kids
Now: -now illegal for teachers to talk about sexual orientation
Now: school vouchers for all students to use for private and charter
schools with NO state oversight as to the quality of education, etc –
Now: NO classes are allowed ON RACE in high schools because they are
not accurate and violate state law.
Now: NO diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) discussion in schools
(must be reviewed by the government)
Now: Tallahassee charter school principal fired after showing David
sculpture picture to 6th graders
Now: all school board members must declare a political party

Special rules for an environmental bank, Winter Park Bank Climate

First (loans for solar panels but not to buy guns, fracking, or for-
profit prisons)

Now: DeSantis’ attorney general Moody works with other R states to
attack federal environmental safeguards (Fl has lots of flooding &
weather problems AND hottest state (7 of top 10 cities in FL)
Now: Fl government funds must NOT be invested in a company
using climate change and diversity as criteria
Now: No removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater discharge to
save fish & wildlife
Now: Florida has most lead pipes carrying water into people’s
homes than any other state – Biden is fighting this to help us

Now: no significant funding for renewable energy

Now: easier to order the death penalty
Now: child rapists are executed

Now: cut alimony for first wives

Allows “bribes” by Universal and then pushes through perks for

Allows big donations from politicians and then passes pro-
insurance company bills (harder to sue, easier to deny claims,

allows property insurance rates to 3 times the national avg. with soaring
insurance premiums)
No fixes for flood issues in poor neighborhoods

Now: DeSantis vetoes funding for Tampa Bay Rays because they
support gun control
Now: DeSantis allows anyone to carry concealed guns without
Now: the lower age to buy a rifle from 21 to 18

Now: NO funding for health services for those in need and for
mental health. We do not have Medicaid expansion
Now: Less oversight of Fl’s nursing homes. 8 of serious violations
were missing from the state website.

Now: healthcare providers can deny the right to medical care
Now: Illegal to require masks or vaccines or testing.
Now: Healthcare workers can do quick COVID-19 advice about
alternative medicines that are not proven to work.
Now: continuation by state grand jury investigation of COVID
vaccine makers PLUS $5 million put aside to sue them.
Now: abortions are effectively eliminated with NO concern of
mother’s health
Now: DeSantis had the state buy hydroxychloroquine to give to FL
COVID patients although no research to show it works
Now: FL is the only State to not pre-order vaccines for children under 5
Now: FL surgeon general Ladapo changed COVID data about safety
of vaccines to leave out critically important research. He
Now: NO help to eliminate Disabled developmental children long
waiting list to get Medicaid vouchers -some die waiting years. It is
not priority
Now: family cannot sue a long-term care facility if a family member dies
from neglect (only a wife can sue but now harder due to increased
restrictions about evidence and expert testimony)

Now: DeSantis’ live local act allows changes to government
contracts for lower salaries (below the amount needed to live in that
area). The result is that full-time workers will be living on the streets.
Now: DeSantis’ live local act allows developers to jam high rises in
an area if it is within 1 mile of another high rise.

Now: DeSantis’ live local act is to help affordable housing but will
allow builders to make more profit by targeting those making
$80,000 a yr or less.

Now: an extra 1% fee is added to property insurance because of
companies going bankrupt. This is on top of the .7% extra fee and
the 1.3% extra fee and the other .7% fee.
Now: No Ft. Lauderdale flood insurance to pay for most of the
damages from the catastrophic flood. FEMA is their last hope.
Now: Florida legislatures met in 2 special sessions to fix Florida’s
property insurance (FL has the most expensive in the US) but only passed
laws to protect insurance companies. NO HELP FOR CITIZENS.
Now: Fl makes it harder to sue auto and property insurance
Now: Fl ALLOWS big bonuses and stock buybacks FOR
INSURANCE EMPLOYEES even though the state provides funding to
help insurers with costs to operate
Now: insurance companies ARE ALLOWED to slash payouts for
property damages even against their adjusters’
Now: DeSantis limits awards against auto insurance companies.

Now: state law SAYS THAT criminals are to blame for crimes and
anyone who could have stopped it cannot be sued.
DeSantis takes control of courts to allow discrimination
Now: No fines against hotels/motels if THEY do human trafficking
DeSantis Appoints all judges from the right-wing Federalist Society

Fl law students taking the bar exam are increasingly having low scores

DeSantis raises interest rates for the low-income from 18% to 36%

Now: Toughens rules on gay parades (parents could be fined $1000
& 1 yr in prison if take a child to one)
Now: transgenders’ rights are limited in schools, public bathrooms,
Now: parents and adults can be guilty of a felony if have transgender

Now: citizens speaking out against the government can be charged
Free speech is restricted. Cops can remove people from protests.
DeSantis only allows WOKE rallies and his supporters in
Tallahassee capitol area. All others like the FL League of Women voters
are denied.

Now: the budget gives DeSantis $12 million to ship Fl refugees to other
Now: hospitals must ask if the person is a citizen before treatment and
keep the total medical treatment costs.

Now: DeSantis must appoint Gainesville's public utility board, not
the people who live there. (In the past, city utilities are sold to private

companies that donate to DeSantis and then raise rates. FPL took
over Panhandle city utility and then raised rates substantially.)
Now: DeSantis takes control of profits from city-owned utilities and
not the cities and directs how they are spent

Now: a 98-page bill to make it harder to vote. It has more than 2
dozen changes to the election code.
Now: must request a vote by mail for each election
Now: The state gave voting cards to felons after serving time but then
arrests them for voting due to some issues like fees. Now: disclaimer
the statement added to voting cards stated that every person must
verify their right to vote
Now: the law changed so harder to register voters
Now: No notice was sent out to let people know they need to register to
vote again because of not voted for 2 years
Now: DeSantis got rid of the company checking voters (checks if
people voted in 2 states if people died if the address changed). 34
other states use this company.
Now: DeSantis judges in appeals court overturn federal judge’s
ruling about discrimination against Black voters (claims that they are
being NOT discriminated against in Florida’s 2021 law about paying
fines before voting).