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Mother's Day weekend is now underway with that special celebration day arriving this second Sunday, May 14 at the midnight hour.

I realize this is one of the busiest days for the American restaurant industry. It also has a reputation among most restaurant staff as one of their extremely grueling days on the calendar. Sorry about that, son. From big groups that show up in waves (“most of us are here!”), to food-fussy kids and grandmas to splitting the check dramas and coffee-cup lingerers, restaurants hate this holiday. This year is expected to be particularly challenging as high inflation and rising menu prices give some restaurant-goers an extra sense of entitlement.

Whether you'll be offering your mother her gift in person or having it delivered to her home, there are many possibilities today to choose her special gift in time for Mother's Day. My mama is in heaven, and she loved strawberries, therefore I will be enjoying a Margarita or two in her honor. I also wish a happy weekend to the mothers of my children, my loving wife, Yirong, and my ex, ELE. Also, my mother in laws who are far away. One is gone, but not forgotten and the other one lives in another continent. Finally, my Godsons and Goddaughters mothers.

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