London Laundromat

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Common knowledge is that Russian billionaire mobsters thrive in London while reportedly enjoying investing.

They're Oligarchs who have a strong connection between Russian money and illicit finances. A recent report by Parliament’s intelligence committee called London a “laundromat” for tainted Russian rubles. London is an airing cupboard: where loot ends up after being rinsed elsewhere.

The Russian ruble weakened to 76 per USD in mid-February as increased geopolitical tension and fears of western retaliation brought investors to sell their ruble positions.

Threats of an invasion in Ukraine returned after Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine claimed government forces opened fire in their territory. At the same time, US authorities stated Russia amassed an additional 7,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, despite Moscow reporting otherwise.

Meanwhile, Central Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina said the bank has still not made a decision on when to resume foreign exchange purchases, as the bank deems the ruble to still be very volatile. On its February 11th meeting, the CBR hiked its benchmark rate by 100bps to a five-year high of 9.5%, as widely expected, while policymakers signaled further hikes could take place in future meetings to control inflation.

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London laundromat. Why Does that much cash get washed by the Brits? Russian pressure on Ukraine, and sanctions risks?

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London Laundromat forces rich investors to be more transparent is a symptom of Britain’s addiction to secrecy, dirty laundry, and dark money.