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He managed to survive 13 unlucky months, but Licht's out at Cable News Network. Now once again toppers replace another CEO.

The veteran TV guy who was  is out after just 13 months highlighted by controversy, low ratings and a magazine profile that appears to have hastened his exit.

— Last Friday, The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta published an extensive profile of Licht with a devastating headline: “Inside the Meltdown at CNN.” 
The article — in which Licht gave Alberta unfettered access and included critical comments Licht made about CNN. The takeaway is don’t pee where you eat, do you job and stay away from grifters.

David Zaslav, the chief executive of Warner Bros. Discovery, named one of his top lieutenants, David Leavy, as COO of CNN Worldwide.
— Licht, who had extensive experience in morning TV and whose previous job was executive producer of Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, was brought in to replace Jeff Zucker, who was highly popular among many CNN staffers.

Here we go again. Another one bites the dust. Yogi Berra called Déjà Vu all over again.

They hired him. but that did not mean he could do the job, so  Cable New Network fired another so-called leader. Why was he defeated, beaten, could not overcome; and was ultimately not victorious? How come none liked Licht? How much time do you have? 

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