Submitted by ub on Fri, 05/05/2023 - 17:34

Being out of the country changes any student, and they make sure you are aware of this fact, no matter what.

Students are like a sunburst. Some are brighter than others, especially the quirky ones, but I love them all as long as they participate constructively.

They will probably refuse a beer claiming they no longer sip anything but wine local to their site and explaining how they are disgusted by American drinking culture. Ask them to accompany you on a shopping trip

They will sigh heavily and detail how American fabrics just do not agree with their supple abroad skin anymore. They much prefer thrifting, anyway. If you do not happen to ask them where their 15 rings are from, they will certainly still tell you, detailing the remote market they found them in.

At dinner, they will complain about how everything feels bland and processed now that they have tasted the real ingredients of food abroad. They will also claim they are now fluent in their abroad language, though this is based solely on their ability to order a meal and ask where the bathroom is located.

Watch out for groups of these individuals they will spend gatherings laughing about clubs they attended, people they met, and every single niche, an unrelatable experience they had while abroad. They will continue to post photos from their travels for months after they return home, reminding anyone who has forgotten that they did study abroad.