A Dumbass On Donbas

Submitted by ub on Mon, 11/28/2022 - 16:35

Russian butcher Vladimir Putin claimed for months that Western-led sanctions imposed over his invasion of Ukraine were failing.

The word Donbas is a portmanteau formed from "Donets Basin", an abbreviation of "Donets Coal Basin" (Ukrainian: Донецький вугільний басейн, romanizedDonetskyi basinRussian: Донецкий угольный бассейн, romanizedDonetskii basin). The name of the coal basin is a reference to the Donets Ridge; the latter is associated with the Donets river.

Just like Trump has become a major liability for the GOP, Putin is an anchor weighing down The Russian people.

This dumbass now recognizes the economic fallout on Russia's economy and the war effort. Recent figures show the situation has worsened considerably since the summer with a stream of oil and gas revenue, the Russian economy seemed to stabilize," The Washington Post reports, citing economists, Russian business executives, and official Russian statistics showing steep drops in non-oil tax revenue and retail sales. 

Sanctions against Russia are very much working. Real GDP, retail trade, and vehicle manufacturing are all dropping off a cliff Russia is heading towards ~4 percent recession in 2022 and in 2023, complicating financing of war in Ukraine.

We should be sure to compare it not to is current Russian behavior satisfactory but to what would Russia's and other countries' political behavior look like if there had been no sanctions at all for the invasion of Ukraine.