Crosstown Traffic

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/14/2023 - 09:01

Ranking 390 cities across 56 countries, including all six continents, the Traffic Index measures cities worldwide.

It measures by their travel time, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions, providing free access to city-by-city information. You, drivers, city planners, automakers, and policymakers, can use the index to help tackle traffic-related challenges.

The Big Apple’s worst congestion was followed closely by DC, where it took drivers roughly 20 minutes to travel six miles at an average speed of 14 mph.

Reportedly Frisco was third with an average rush hour speed of 15 mph. There, it takes drivers about 20 minutes to get six miles.…

Sometimes it feels like riding a horse would be a preferable method of transportation in NYC traffic.