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Why are so many Asian-American women of a certain age called ‘Connie’? Blame it on Connie Baby aka Connie Chung.

I worked as A news producer for NBC News for about a decade  A  few of those years I had to wake up early for TODAY. The paycheck was good and the working conditions better. I worked wi Jane Pauley, Deborah Norville and last but not least, Connie Baby.

She said she met Maury in California and the rest is history. Chung became a vehicle for many immigrant mothers’ hopes for their daughters and their quest for a sense of belonging.

Connie Wang: says the names those newly arrived in America gave their children "represented so many different approaches to handling this shock: holding on, letting go, diving in, reaching out for a lifeline. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all the Connies I spoke to describe their mothers in similar terms: as leaders, brave, athletic, creative, successful, idealistic, capable.

These moms were architects, editors and medical professionals, who’d often had to abandon their careers and reinvent themselves upon moving to a new country, who looked at the television and saw how things might be different for their daughters."  #aapiheritagemonth #femaleempowerment #representation #reinvention#hope…