Submitted by ub on Tue, 04/11/2023 - 08:53

Ball of Confusion with its topical concepts, from the title down, has persevered over five decades and is still relevant this year.

Here are some of the lyrics… with the three-letter addition to the following… Segregation, determinationdemonstration, integration, aggravation, humiliation, / Obligation to our nation… Fear in the air, tension everywhere…/ Population out of hand, suicide, too many bills / So, round and around and around we go, / Where the world’s headed, nobody knows?

Ball of confusion, That’s what the #GOP is today.

So let me get this straight... The US government insures the bank accounts in a deposit of $250K, but can't be responsible for the safety of those visiting or working inside the bank. WHY?

The federal government offers free public school education, but the GOP refuses to insure the safety of the students in school. WHY?

The Republican Party is owned and paid for by the gun lobby.  Founded in 1871 to advance rifle sales, the modern #NRA has become a prominent firearms lobbying organization. 

Let me be clear... I was recruited and hired by the last extremely qualified Republican #POTUS. But this is not the old GOP.

Can the Circle be unbroken? - The Carter Family…

NRA convention to draw 70K to Indy this weekend. But will it be back?

Some 70 thousand NRA members will be convening in Indianapolis, Indiana Friday for the third time since Indianapolis first landed the blood-thirsty conventioneers…