Brother Moon

Submitted by ub on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 16:42

Talking, writing, oral, and reading skills simultaneously through understanding the relationship between reading and moon writing.

Are you feeling exhausted, or perhaps not inspired. It could be that you have lots of ideas but lack focus. Whatever the case, when writer’s block, appears, just dismiss your fears with creative inspiration for what to write about.

Just sit down and write your ideas right out of your mind and onto the page. You can find new angles on something you know about.

My old buddy, Jack Hopkins who I call Brother Moon has just completed his first book and he wants to tell you how the planet affects your future and how to best understand it. The book is called The Enchantment of The Moon.…

The Enchantment of the Moon puts a contemporary look at the Phases of the Moon, and how they impact your happiness, well-being, and life purpose. Based on the 28 Lunar Phases as described by W.B. Yeats in his work A Vision, this book presents contemporary examples of famous people, demonstrating the effect the lunar phases made on their lives. It uses ancient concepts to arrive at an engaging view of how the Moon's influences guide us toward our authentic selves, avoiding the trappings of the world, and putting us face-to-face with the person we were meant to be. A special chapter on Secondary Progressions looks at the timelines of several notable personalities and their evolutionary journey as portrayed through their secondary lunar phase. This book will challenge your assumptions about how you see yourself and the role you play in the world. It offers a fresh look at discovering relevance, peace, and the inner strength required to be the best version of who you are. Check it out. I am glad I did. 

It gets into a lot of astrology, which can be tedious if you are not already familiar. I am a Lunar type 2. As a longtime friend and a veteran journalist, I am quite pleased to write a few words on his Brother Moon's behalf.  I have watched Jack Hopkins closely over the years.  

Brother Moon is a genuinely kind person, an articulate storyteller, and a knowledgeable individual who offers a fascinating insight into the meaning of life and how astronomy affects all of us.

This book combines compassion and a deep understanding of human nature. The author offers new insights into ancient concepts and provides contemporary examples of how our lunar phase impacts us. In doing so, he challenges us to rethink many of our basic assumptions.