Submitted by ub on Mon, 06/05/2023 - 09:44

While Trader Joe’s fans rush to buy bite-sized snacks that are supposedly delicious, I seek Mango O's.

These were the Cheerio mango flavored cereal they once sold and I must now find them before my self-imposed deadline is up and I see my grandchild who’s In first grade. She continues receiving awards and medals 🏅 for excellence. A chip of the old block. Her mom is a celebrity They are a couple of my personal Superstars. 

You see, I told her I was going to prepare a special breakfast with ice cream and Cheerios. Although her parents may not approve, it’s my job to spoil her as GB aka Grandma BoB。

I reached out to TJ Headquarters but PR was not very helpful, so far anyway.

"Thank you for reaching out... Would you be able to share a few more details?"

Meanwhile, there’s reportedly a SWITCH-A-ROO - What is a grandpa to do?

Aldi customers are confused over product change saying it’s a step down as the store explains you can get a refund

ALDI shoppers have been horrified to find their favorite breakfast snack is no longer what it used to be.  The bargain retailer is a go-to spot for affordable but high-quality food products for any occasion.

Now to my next task, I must decide on the best one from these 21 most popular ice cream flavors in America…

Any suggestions or great ideas from the peanut gallery?   The Rolling Stones.