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Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/28/2022 - 22:25
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As more GOP Senators and Representatives support a ban on assault weapons following mass shootings in New York, Texas...etc

And now that Congress has gone off on vacation, we wanted to find a solution about what's really going on with gun safety by dropping the blame and shame and leading with compassion. CityImages is launching a strategy session by digitally brainstorming on how to develop a new concept around an acceptable assault rifle solution and decided to seek everyone’s help by relying on digital democracy.

If the USA represents only four percent of the global population, then why does it have 40 percent of the firearms worldwide?

We seek proposed reforms that include common-sense ideas (Digital Democracy) on overwhelmingly popular measures like a ban on Assault Rifles. Please know that nobody wants to take away anyone's guns. This is not a liberal or a conservative issue. This is a USA problem that needs an American solution. We have to work together to eliminate assault rifles and we think law-abiding citizens would consider trading them for USA-made revolvers or automatic pistols, where folks could consider a trade as a sensible and attractive offer. 

After outlawing Assault Rifles the government could offer to buy the Weapons. 

Or offer to replace the Assault Weapons with a range of acceptable long guns. We think giving a rifle to replace the assault rifle would be attractive to most assault weapon owners who would like a brand new hunting rifle. Perhaps an offer to exchange diffuses the argument that anyone is trying to take away everyone’s firearms. Rifles are safer in the hands of people than handguns are.

Cash or a new Rifle for an Assault Rifle would be a win-win for everyone including the gun lobby by selling millions of new replacement guns. It would also be hugely popular with the US manufacturers of replacement guns. Even the gun dealers would benefit by selling their inventories of Assault Rifles to the government and writing off the amount in their taxes.

A lethal, accessible weapon. It’s easy to buy the rifle used by the Texas gunman and many other recent mass murderers.…

Teenagers in 44 states can buy semi-automatic weapons.…

Assault Rifles that get turned in can be provided to countries that are trying to fight against our enemies along with the other weapons we supply them.

Please feel free to suggest improvement solutions and opine below, or send #CityImages an email at 

Digital Democracy

H.R.1808 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2021

S.736 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2021

Former Federal Assault Weapons Ban - 1994 - 2004


Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/30/2022 - 12:38


i think there needs to be a federal standard for training, background checks and cap on how many guns per person as well as rules on what kind of guns you can own depending on where you live, like if you live in the suburbs you can own a handgun but not ak-47 and if you live on a farm fifty miles from civilisation in kansas you can own whatever you want. in south africa getting a gun is a nine month long process and you need to provide a valid reason for needing a gun i.e. “hunting, personal protection, competitive shooting etc.” and i also think if a person in a household with more than one person, like a family, is buying a gun then every member of the household should be required to take firearm safety training too. also there should be some form of national service in this county so that way everybody learns how to safely operate firearms and knows to respect them because they’ve been comprehensively trained

Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/30/2022 - 13:36


I think owning a gun bring with it some very serious responsibility. Guns are designed to kill. We need to be clear about limiting gun use to sport. The argument that people need firearms to protect themselves from other people lacks any clear evidence. Owning a gun has become the vanity toy of choice by people who have no business having one.
The process of getting a license to own a gun should involve extensive training and presentation of a rock solid need to have one. Background checks and periodic renewals of the license should be mandatory. 
The cost of owning a gun should be connected to the cost of dealing with the damage caused by irresponsible gun owners in your area. You get to pay if you want to play.
Sale of firearms should be limited to guns capable of loading six shots. That goes for pistols and rifles.  Modifications to enhance those capabilities should result in lifetime suspension of the license and jail time. 
Ownership of semiautomatic weapon should be strictly forbidden. 
I see very few cases where civilians need to own a firearm. In cases where people want guns to kill animals for food, I suggest they bite the bullet and get a real job to put food on the table like decent people do.

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