A Slice of NYC Paradise

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This tiny New York City community offers several unforgettable experiences that give visitors insight into the area's historic charm.

Beyond the bustling megalopolis of New York City, there lie other attractions. City Island is located north of Manhattan and contains many idyllic, serene, and ancient views. This peaceful settlement provides a chance to flee from the hustle and clamor of the big city and revel in the magnificence of nature. The area is renowned for its picturesque scenery. This article outlines the most beautiful small island town in New York City, providing the perfect escape from the concrete jungle.

The historical significance of City Island is vast, as it was once the area's largest shipbuilding center. It can be researched by visiting the City Island Nautical Museum. Open on the weekends after May, this museum houses artifacts and photos of City Island & its boating history. https://www.cityislandmuseum.org/

Settled in 1685, City Island is a neighborhood in the northeasternmost point of NYC in The Bronx. City Island became a hot spot for quality wooden boat construction in the 20th century. The builders of the time gained the reputation of doing the best repairs on any marine vessel. City Island was once the yachting capital of New York.

The tiny quaint location is approximately 1.5 miles long by 0.5 miles wide, with five thousand residents, including yours truly. Locals are identified as either mussel suckers or clam diggers. More about that later.

City Island is strategically located at the extreme western end of Long Island Sound, south of Pelham Bay and east of Eastchester Bay—location, location, location.

Stop by and admire Samuel Pell House, a classic piece of architecture that reflects the island's old-school charm. Built in 1876, the three-story Second Empire-style house was owned by Samuel Pell, a captain and fisherman who was a leading oysterman. People living in the New York metropolitan area loved oysters. 

His home reflected the Pell's success, with fifteen rooms, a parlor, a music room, a dining room, and servant's quarters. The Pells resided in the home until 1907. The house became a New York City landmark status in 2002. The home has appeared in movies and TV, such as the 1969 film "Arsenic and Old Lace." Visitors can admire this unique architecture preserved through the years, giving people a taste of how people used to live on City Island.

Sail from our Yacht Clubs. Like No place else on earth!

Established in the 1900s, these have become premier sailing destinations for over a hundred years. They are excellent places for young and old alike to get into sailing on the open waters. These clubs offer recreational yacht cruises for members' visitors and host sailing races seasonally and are an excellent place for kids to go camping and learn how to sail during the summer.

Across the City, Island bridge is Orchard Beach, a little patch of sun and sand just a few minutes' drive from New York City. And they are known as The Bronx Riviera. Visitors can spend a day in the sun on the beach's 115-acre shores. The beach is a great place to go with family and friends.

There is also Pelham Bay Park, the largest in NYC, with horse riding and nearby golf courses, acres from Pell Mansion, where NYC Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia took time to chill during the Summer months.

City Island is a unique haven of New York City, offering a quiet retreat and a beautiful shoreline landscape. This little-known slice of NYC paradise is an excellent place for folks from all walks of life to experience the old-school charm and a hospitable community vibe. City Island isn't a place you would typically find in New York City, making the experience all the more exciting.

As my late and great friend and mentor loved saying, clam diggers are born, not made; Captain Ed Sadler was fond of pointing it out. Everyone else is relegated to the category of mussel sucker, the island label for non-natives. He was born and died inside the same house on City Island. The street bears his name as the Ed Sadler Way.

The Bronx is a large borough northeast of Manhattan. This entire neighborhood is rich in history and culture. This area is a foodie paradise, as almost any restaurant can be found here. It is also home to the famous Yankee Stadium, NY Botanical Gardens, and Bronx Zoo.

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