100 Dazed and Confused

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Who decreases our US credibility, creates an unsafe environment, downgrades public education, sells the public lands, monetizes the presidency, makes Americans less safe and more despised around the world, while achieving little following a series of theatrics which includes rallies to attack dissenters?

This, I can tell you... Believe me... This is my pledge to you... Donald Trump’s Contract with America.…
"You are going to be amazed at what we will accomplish during those First 100 Days -- I promise you that you will be proud of your President again."

According to national polls, these are approval ratings for many US Presidents at 100 days.

JFK: 83%
Nixon: 62%
Carter: 63%
Reagan: 68%
Bush: 56%
Clinton: 55%
W Bush: 62%
Obama: 65%
Trump: 39%

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KING: Trump hasn't done anything he promised in first 100 days

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Final minutes of #PolitiFact100 --
7 big falsehoods from Donald Trump's first 100 days. #PolitiFact100