“Shithole Countries”

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He should have a medical exam, including a psychiatric test amid questions about his mental fitness.

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I have yet to meet a Haitian, a Kenyan or a Mexican who did not lament leaving the hometown. However remote, rural or rustic the place, the attachment never gave. People migrate for so many reasons, and not one of them matches the narrative expressed by Trump. My experience is that people long to go back, precisely, because they miss the simplicity of their lives, the beauty of their homeland. I think the word used by the president to describe those countries he perceives as threatening his walled concept of America –shithole- applies figuratively to his own trap (hardly a hole, but equally toxic and asphyxiating). He does not seem happy, and he seems, from what we all read and see, swamped amidst all those people who serve him but have zero bonding with him. His tweets denote a sense of solitude and emptiness combined. I am not a psychologist, but I can be a good judge of character, and I see how he is quickly getting more wrinkles, a deeper frown and avoid all around him. Paraphrasing Ivanka, there is a place on earth for those who carry their portable hell, through life. And many a time such personal inferno comes to those that rely too much on power, or riches, or both. Thanks for making me realize I needed a good cry to weather all this nonsense.

What do Haiti, El Salvador, and the African continent have in common? According to our commander and chief, who reportedly said they're not wanted here. During an immigration meeting, Trump asked lawmakers why the US should allow people to come from `shithole countries.'

Some quotes need to be reported verbatim.…

President Donald Trump on Thursday called Haiti and some African nations “shithole countries” in an angry outburst after congressional lawmakers proposed reinstating protections for immigrants from those nations, the Washington Post reported.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said of Haiti and African countries, according to the Post, which cited two sources briefed on the meeting.

Trump instead said the U.S. should accept immigrants from countries like Norway, where the vast majority of people are lily white.

What was the reason POTUS questioned why the US would admit people from “shithole countries” during discussions over a bipartisan Senate deal to protect young undocumented immigrants? How can the good people on earth stand idly and allow the world's second largest and second most-populous continent be maligned by these remarks? … #CityImages How do we say enough? #DONews Why do we watch and listen to these horrible remarks from the leader of the free world?

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