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The man initially wrote his song 🎶 about wanting credit then the woman took on her powers and said she needed more Respect.

First came Otis who was looking for credit and expected when he got home. Then Aretha heard the song 🎵 and made a few changes to it and without much effort turned it into an international anthem for women worldwide.

Read on, listen, and learn all about the back story and the transformation of these two musical arrangements.

This classic track from 2 different genders and people with different points of view is a timeless tune that explores the whimsical notions of love, equality, and fantasy.

The lyrics and vocals are soulful and rich while complementing the song's wistful lyrics about romance and the possibility of new beginnings. It's no surprise that this smash hit song remains one of the most popular tracks to date.

Aretha's catchy chorus perfectly captures the essence of the song, with its uplifting melody and poetic repetition; it's easy to sing along to and has become a fan favorite. 

"Respect" is a song written and recorded by American soul singer Otis Redding. It was released in 1965 as a single from his third album Otis Blue Otis and became a crossover hit for Redding.

Then, leave it to the power of women. The future is female, only two years later in 1967, a wonderful woman named Aretha Franklin rearranged "Respect", resulting in a bigger hit and her signature song for women's liberation that lives on. Her recording is a mini vocal masterclass. her projection, enunciation, phrasing, the emoting are on target. Sock it to me!

Aretha Franklin Was the Defining Voice of the 20th Century No one else sang as well, and no other singer changed popular culture as she did. Have you ever met a weak woman? Aretha was the antithesis