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One of those urban areas where residents aren’t used to temperature extremes and many homes don't have air conditioning,  

In a world where temperatures rise 5-10 degrees, unlike Floridians, San Francisco residents are ill-equipped for dealing with heat and it could be economically damaging.

Other cities with more gradually increasing risk on the Moody’s Analytics list are: 

Cape Coral, FL

New York City

Long Island, NY

Oakland, CA


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Stoic philosophy is the foundation for personal growth, The virtues are wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance.

Wisdom: Wisdom represents the pursuit of knowledge and the development of sound judgment. A wise individual seeks truth, reflects on personal experiences, and learns from others. Wisdom involves recognizing the complexities of life and making informed decisions based on reason and understanding.


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A New York jury finds Donald Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation in a civil case, The charges were brought by E. Jean Carroll, who said that Trump raped her in 1996. According to Carroll, he defamed her regarding those allegations on social media.

The jury found that Donald Trump is liable for sexually abusing advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, awarding her $5 million in a judgment that could haunt the twice impeached loser liar and indicted former guy,


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While rebuilding Spanish language Television, I was attracted to a New Mexican motion picture that I wish to share with you today.

In 1987 I left NBC News for Noticiero SIN which soon became Univision and then NetSpan which was rebranded Telemundo. That same year, the following film was released by Televisa, my former employer, which has owned Unisiovion off and on over the years.



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How many kids must be slaughtered by assault rifle killers before the GOP realizes that #wethepeople are dying, while the NRA pays?

As you can see, this is the face of the GOP. Our solution won’t come unless you vote the bumbling puppets out of their jobs and replace them with ones that work for you. What’s going on here

Democracy and Criminal Justice Are Never Going to Get Along


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There can no longer be a doubt that America is in the midst of a homegrown terrorist attack. 

The Republican Party, taken over by religious zealots and people believing that a mythical America once existed, wants to punish people whose religious, sexual, and philosophical behaviors differ.

Having failed to overthrow a presidential election—with their 2024 candidate of choice now mired in legal difficulties of his own making—they have declared war on the USA and the global economy. 


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Closed minds have mouths wide open" The smSpnsh-language graphic above.

“Silence is the key to unlocking the mysteries of life, love, and the universe.”

“Silence is not a sign of apathy, but a gesture of respect, a way of honoring the sacredness of life.”

“The beauty of silence is that it allows us to listen deeply, to connect with ourselves and others, and to find the compassion and understanding that will heal the world.”

"Loose lips sink ships" 


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Being out of the country changes any student, and they make sure you are aware of this fact, no matter what.

Students are like a sunburst. Some are brighter than others, especially the quirky ones, but I love them all as long as they participate constructively.

They will probably refuse a beer claiming they no longer sip anything but wine local to their site and explaining how they are disgusted by American drinking culture. Ask them to accompany you on a shopping trip