Textbooks Rejected


Is #RonDFL really trying to turn Florida’s classrooms into The Sunshine State's political battlefield at the polls?

The Florida Department of Education is rejecting dozens of math textbooks from the curriculum, claiming the books are including references to critical race theory and other banned topics, including social-emotional learning and Common Core.  

Holy Trifecta


This is a truly unique weekend, as Easter, Passover, and Ramadan are all being celebrated at the same time by millions globally.

Preparing For Earth Day


An Osprey moves in on top of The Bronx Victory Memorial #birdbx #thebronx in Pelham Bay Park as conservationists gaze.

Perched atop a 75-foot limestone Corinthian column in Pelham Bay Park in New York City The Bronx, is a gilded bronze victory figure. Designed by architect John J. Sheridan and sculptors Belle Kinney and Leopold Scholz, this site was dedicated to World War I servicemen from The Bronx in 1933.

#MoRon and #Abbottflation Revolts


The Republican governors of Texas and Florida have to go and be replaced by those who serve all their constituents.

Taxpayers in Texas and Florida say their actions are intended to diminish the inequities faced in this country, largely because it could make whites feel uncomfortable. Texas lost roughly $477 million per day during their governor's recent border stunt and for Americans overall, the estimated price is even higher.

Florida Continues Attack On Education After Rejecting 54 Math Textbooks Due To 'CRT'

Evil Qnievel Empire


Putin and Trump are both infamous pathological liars and not real geniuses as they would want their followers to continue believing.

Their American and Russian admirers will accept everything they are told but will never accept freedom and human rights regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more.

Love Who You Are


Take care of yourself, stay healthy, be kind to those who are nice to you, find inner peace and you'll be happy for a lifetime.

Always be confident that you will try to do better than your very best.

If you're stuck doing something that you don't like, it could be because it doesn't jibe with your goals.

Money isn't always everything. If you value sharing, you may want to find work helping others.

Life Goals for Ideas https://selffa.com/life-goals-list-ideas/



An overwhelming number of journalists say the overwhelming amount of disinformation is their largest global obstacle overall.

Track, predict & understand the impact of misinformation across the web and social media. Explore the impact with access to  years of activity, from over 250m data points. Real-Time Alerts. Unlimited Search. Web & Social Content. Crisis Management. Worldwide Coverage. Predicted Engagement. Free Demo. Real-Time Monitoring. Types: Content Alerts, Brand Alerts, Customisable Alerts, Real-Time Alerts.

Black Eyed Russians


Sometimes there is a subtle difference between reporting news and spewing views or between occurrences or propaganda.

Is this military operation Z, or control alt delete Z? That is the real question. Kiev says the Ukrainians hit Moskva with a missiles and sunk it. The first first version below is Communist China-controlled media spewing propaganda for Communist Russia-controlled media.

Grow Your Own


Do you have a passion for the collaborative journey from agriculture to the plate? Where does food come from and how it's grown?

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, some useful plants, such as root and leaf vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are grown for consumption, for use as dyes, or for medicinal and other uses

Do you care how it’s sourced, the sustainable practices used to create it, and the new technologies that make it safer and healthier?

Is gardening cheaper than buying fruits and vegetables?

The Big City


They call NYC The Big Apple, perhaps because we have the tallest buildings, biggest museums, and best and priciest pizza.

Don't get me wrong, I Love New York and you will too as long as you're prepared to pay the high cost of living here and those sky-high prices, with hotel rooms averaging a few hundred per night stay.