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Consider the guy who got hired by cheating, then fired for not doing the job and insisting he did great but was unfortunately framed.

This is his big lie that should be served and eaten as a humble pie. The one bad apple 🍎 idiom goes back to at least 1340 in English. The original phrase was, “A rotten apple quickly infects its neighbor.” It meant that a rotten apple, or a rotten person, corrupts others. By the 18th century, we start to see phrases like “one bad apple spoils the barrel.”
The so-called "Big Lie” in the U.S., promoted by former President Donald Trump, is similar. This disinformation alleges that the 2020 U.S. election was “stolen,” leading to a fraudulent victory by current President Joe Biden. This has been widely debunked. No court has determined that there was widespread electoral fraud. In fact, Trump lost 63 of the 64 lawsuits he filed on the matter. The only case he won did not prove any fraud.

The New Bronx

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Metro-North rail for the East Bronx with four new stations at: Hunts Point, Parkchester, Van Nest, Morris Park, and Co-Op City.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will dramatically increase access to the Bronx, New York City, and the region and will support the city as it rebounds from the effects of COVID-19.

A Power Couple

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One time pageant winners former Miss Argentina and Puerto Rico say they got married in secret after privately dating for years.

Since some are all talking about how awesome two beauty queens should be, here’s a recent image to being two of the most exciting female power couples to watch.

These two global pageant winners are showing love knows no national boundaries. Fabiola ValentĂ­n, 22, and Mariana Varela, 26, met back in 2020 during the Miss Grand International competition when they wound up on the Top 10 of #MGI.

Select Intelligence

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What’s wrong with not-so-smart leaders? Shouldn’t voters expect their elected representatives to be smart enough to serve us well?

Thee midterms there are 35 US Senate seats and all 435 House seats up for election on November 8, 2022. The seats of five of the six non-voting members of the U.S. House are up for election as well.


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What is the Republican Plan to Fix the USA Economy? America Waits…
Vague pledges to cut taxes and make Us more energy-independent don't tell us anything about what a #GOP-led Congress would do to beat inflation or avoid a recession. More lies, empty promises and propaganda?

Happy Holidaze

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This is the beginning of the 2022 Holidaze Season, It starts with Halloween and it will end ends with New Years Day 2023.

Years ago, circa the late eighties, I had just been hired as the youngest executive at SIN, what later became UNIVISION.

I recall moving across the country to California and thinking I was going to spend the holidays alone, so I took a walk along the Sunset strip in Hollywood. People of different faiths shouldn’t have to miss important work events to celebrate their holidays.

Pardon My French

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When I was just a kid, adults often liked to say pardon my #French to excuse their unfortunate use of profanity in my presence.

That mean that it was usually preceded or followed by big curse words. I will never forget my very first job interview.

Trick a Tweet

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Welcome to the new version of Hells Scape online brought to you by the new digital free for all started by the top internet twat. 

When the owner of a site traffics in conspiracy theories after saying that he’s going to be a responsible, all we at City Images  will say is Trick a Tweet. Disinformation, denial and intimidation will remain major #MAGARepublican talking points.

Pinocchio Politics

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A Russian purchased puppet denies that he lost an election when he really did and knows his big lie is as plain as his long nose.

This Halloween and the current climate of Republican impunity so far for the ever growing GOP lies and spreading hate may help explain “Pinocchio Politics”.

In Vladimir’s plan, a useful idiot puppet enters his political race and seeks the life of adventure while striving to be a the successful man he never became. His life is turned upside down when his rich father dies and he decides to sell his soul follow a life of lies and deceptions.


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The Beatles’ Revolver Was Their Avant-Garde R&B Album It’s remembered as revealing the possibilities of the studio,

However the Fab Four band was no less obsessed with the possibilities being revealed by Motown and Stax as British soul brothers across the pond.

This blog entry is also used ro remind everyone about the need to disarm before we all lose our heads.