China Syndrome?


First, the great metropolis of Shanghai is on hard lockdown and has continued despite multiple reports of households emergencies.

They are reportedly running out of fresh food or the sick and elderly are unable to get necessary but non-Covid related medical care.

Now in the past few days, the authorities fuelled a fresh public outcry in Beijing by dispatching officials in white hazmat suits to erect two-meter-high green fences outside residential buildings, forbidding those inside the sealed zone from leaving.

Funny Man Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart receives the Mark Twain Prize for lifetime achievement in humor at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night.

Comedian #JonStewart becomes the 23rd recipient of the #MarkTwain Prize for American Humor.

Russian Liar’s Depot Fires


This large fire has broken out at a Russian fuel depot on the Ukrainian border acting as a logistics base for Vladimir Putin's forces. 

A lie that has died is that Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin is a savvy genius. No matter how one sees Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, it’s impossible not to see this conflict as a massive miscalculation on the part of the Communists.

The Biggest Loser PUTIN


Putin joins the multiple losers club. First by failing at attempting again to rig the US Election and now he's miserably failed in France.

Defending Digital Democracy


Utilizing technology along with historical documents and government records We Rule with Digital Democracy for All of US. 

E-democracy is the use of information and communication technology in our political and governance processes. Digital Democracy works in solidarity with communities by using technology to defend our rights. 

This American civics initiative may deliver thought-provoking national programs and powerful educational resources to the public.

Crossroads of Democracy


Democracy, Democracia, anyway we spell it. It is woven into the social fiber of our being as American citizens of this Republic.

Some trends last longer than others. Democracy will be here forever and we have our elders. They sacrificed and laid down their lives for this great nation.

For example, some versions of alternative facts were an instant joke and truly unpopular, others catch on for a while and then we moved on. 

Sunshine Democracy


Democracy in Florida is not functioning. Florida Governor’s rigged maps rob black resgistered voters of power.

The Florida population growth may temper earnings and income growth, but a stagnant population is a worse alternative.

A recent population estimate shows that many Florida cities and the sunshine state as a whole do not have to worry about slow population growth yet, and that’s good news for residents of the state.


Digital Democracy

Democracy is collective decision-making among the participants in a decision-making process. 

Former US President Barack Obama said “people are dying” due to disinformation on social media, pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic, as he delivered remarks at Stanford University on the threats posed by disinformation.