RIP Jason Rivera


NYPD Detective Jason "Tata" Rivera was a humble Latino, and 22-year-old son of immigrants, who really believed in his kind gestures.

Police officers attend a funeral service for NYPD officer Jason Rivera, who along with New York City police officer Wilbert Mora, were both killed while responding to a domestic dispute call that turned violent last week.

Bridge Collapses


A bridge in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has collapsed and hurt 10 on the same day @POTUS Joe Biden visits for infrastructure talks.

The collapse prompted rescuers to rappel nearly 150 feet while others formed a human chain to help save people from a bus. The Pittsburgh bridge crumbled early this morning just hours before President Biden was scheduled to visit the city to talk about the infrastructure bill. 

Wine Time?


A study finds those who drink red wine are less likely to catch #COVID than folks who drink other alcohol or non-drinkers of booze. 

Last Man Laughing


What a difference two decades make. Comedian James Christian Kimmel is still joking and his two competitors are no longer standing.

Jay Leno and David Letterman have both been replaced, but Jimmy appears to be the comic with the last late night laugh.

It was 19 years ago when his show premiered on ABC-TV. They said it wouldn’t last, which was a weird thing for the network to say. Sadly for some, it has had a tremendous run. Thanks to those who stuck with him and others who joined along the wacky way.

Winter Bomb Cyclone


A potentially dangerous winter storm may impact the East Coast beginning Friday through the entire weekend.16 degrees in NYC.

The potent winter storm is forecast to wallop the region with heavy snow and howling winds possible from the Carolinas to Maine. The pair of storm systems may meet and combine off the Eastern Seaboard into a powerful low-pressure system.

At this time, heavy snow, gusty winds, and coastal hazards are possible from North Carolina to New England with the most significant impacts in eastern New England. 

News Literacy


If you have not yet gotten involved with National #NewsLiteracyWeek, you have got a grand total of 3️⃣ days remaining to get going.


My Tiger Year


As the Grand animal of the year, all eyes will be on Tigers. I’ll prepare for a moment in the spotlight to ensure A truly successful cycle.

That means steering clear of distractions and focusing on improving my knowledge and skills. My efforts will be noticed, especially at work. Every twelve years, our animal approaches us. I am The Tiger.

The Republican Coup


Did Trump sell out our nation to become the American dictator so Communists could get the United States out of Europe and Asia?

Why are USA enemies lining up to test America?

As a result, POTUS Joe Biden is facing major foreign policy challenges in his first year. Unlike China, little Putin’s Russia is a tiny economic midget among global powers. Its economy ranks 11th in the world, behind Brazil’s, and it’s about the size of South Korea’s. Russia can't win a head-on confrontation with Washington, that's why he needs China’s Xi.

USA Latinos


A shift towards the Republicans by Hispanic voters continues to be a real surprise to this Latino without any political affiliation.