Armed With Camera


As a veteran civil war news producer who has experienced the horror of dead journalists and colleagues, I understand this shock.

The shooting death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during an Israeli military raid in the West Bank city of Jenin highlights the dangers news reporters and producers deal with while covering worldwide conflicts.

A frontline chronicle of journalists covering conflicts recounts the harrowing exploits of the men and women armed with cameras who experience dangers in battle.

Abortion Protection Defeated


Senate Democrats fell short in a rushed effort to codify Roe v. Wade abortion access as federal law, blocked by a Republican filibuster.



Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud in public, at work, or anywhere a humorous situation arises. If it’s funny, it deserves a good 😆  LOL.

A series of studies show the positive impact humor can have on our physical and mental health. For one, it can reduce stress. When we start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in our body,

Russia’s Crumbling Iron Curtain?


Is the Communist Iron curtain in Russia a propaganda facade as the world watches Putin’s war crimes and his real humiliating defeat?

Will the Russian “Z” eventually immortalize Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the incarnation of the late leader Winston Churchill? Russian invaders bombed a village school in eastern Ukraine reportedly killing about 60 people, as Russia marks the anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. 

  • The "Z" formation was seen on TV showing preparation for the May 9 parade.

Angry Mother Nature


Mother Nature is angry and more than hot under the collar for a very bad reason. it is humans who are causing climate change.

You don’t have to be a Mom or a woman. Thinking like a mother means looking at the rest of the world with plenty of love and admiration for the only planet we live on. Our planet is scorching despite summer still being weeks away.

Mothers Day Weekend


Mother's Day is every day and being a mom is the most difficult job on earth as far as I can see and say. It is time for helping hands.

Regardless of who and where they are, it is always difficult to be a mother. This year has been extremely difficult with the global pandemic, and inflation rate and difficult to avoid major news developments that add tension and strain to the lives of many moms who have already seen their roles change dramatically in recent years.

Leakers are Heroes


The recent leak about the Supreme Court and abortion is a heroic act by a person who recognized that removing this right would affect millions of people. And leaking the document was something they could do for all of US.

Right wing media like Fox and One America News are painting a picture that the leak itself was bad and the leaker should be prosecuted. The Chief Justice and Ted Cruz are mad about it.



Governments all over the world have systematically and massively under-reported the number of COVID deaths over the years.

The  global pandemic has reportedly caused an estimated 15 million deaths and counting. This is a 12 alarm 🔥 fire, folks.

Women Fight Back


Republicans have been on the rhetorical offensive against women for too long. Will Mothers Day be a time to stand up for their rights?

According to the most recent data available, there are more women in the USA than men, so why is it that they lack equal representation in government, private industry, and academia, and their earnings are still not the same as those of men. Will the scales of equal justice for all under the law ever be balanced?