Jeepers Creepers Elmer Fuddled?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/29/2022 - 19:38

Is the Oath Keepers horror show a demonic franchise of creatures who like to feed off American democracy conspiracy theories?

The American far-right anti-government militia claims to defend the Constitution of the United States but was not successful in defending itself in court. The group was incorporated in 2009 by founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes, an attorney, and former paratrooper. 

Give Hope and Happiness

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Giving Tuesday: What the people on earth need now are the gifts of love, peace, and happiness much more than ever before in history.

Folks living on every continent are struggling and all we seem to be doing is looking the other way and bickering with one another.

A Dumbass On Donbas

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Russian butcher Vladimir Putin claimed for months that Western-led sanctions imposed over his invasion of Ukraine were failing.


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The biggest shopping day of the year is Cyber Monday which attracts millions of shoppers looking to cross names off shopping lists.

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for e-commerce transactions on the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online.

This is a great opportunity for the public that has been waiting for months for a good discount on a specific product. But it is also the chance for advertisers to start working on great marketing strategies in search of excellent results for merchants.

The Mourning News

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After working in TV news production for many years, Olivia is one of the reasons why I decided to stop watching the mourning news.

I have worked in print, radio, television, cable, and online media with commercial, governmental, educational as well as non-profit and in a couple of languages. 

China Unrest Increases

Submitted by ub on Sun, 11/27/2022 - 13:39

Our sources behind the digital iron curtain are reporting an increasing amount of unrest inside The People's Republic of China.

Big demonstrations against the COVID restrictions. The People push back against the PRC police authorities. 

No Liberty or Justice For All

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speeches. One is known as "The Other America" and another is "Three Evils of Society"

RIP Irene Cara

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Remember her name. She was Irene Cara and the face, voice and author of FLASHDANCE whoflew from fans on her to heaven.

Born in 1959 in “Boogie-Down” The Bronx, New York, Irene Cara was the youngest of five children and began her career in the Spanish language. Her father was Puerto Rican and her mother was Cuban-American.No word on the cause of death.

Irene Cara, 'Fame' and 'Flashdance... What a Feeling' Singer, Dead at 63: 'A Beautifully Gifted Soul'

Are Women Smarter Than Men?

Submitted by ub on Fri, 11/25/2022 - 13:21

Around the world, girls are more likely than boys to get no education, but once they are in a classroom, boys usually do worse.

Although the male brain is 10 percent larger than the female brain, it does not impact intelligence. Despite the size difference, men's and women's brains are more alike than they are different.


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Sorry, RS... But unless I missed it, this one program belongs at the top of my list. These are my reasons for my number one choice.