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Where have all the American heroes gone? After a long time passing it seems like they may be gone but will never be forgotten.

Major League Baseball today touts Toronto Blue Jays' Vladimir Guerrero Jr. the Yankees' Nestor Cortes and many others.

However before they were setting records, Roberto Clemente pioneered the way for Hispanic players. Throughout his shortened 18-season career, the Puerto Rican native became the first Latino to achieve 3,000 career hits.


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In the media and entertainment industries, representation for Hispanics has been improving alongside this soaring population growth… but only barely. The rate of change in entertainment has lagged far behind wider society, with CNN reporting a slender 1% increase over the past ten years.

25 or 6 to 4 FOR 45?

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When Donald was trying to be hip, did he breathe the psychedelic vibes over the #USA, and accept it by embracing that culture?

Many decades later- What was he thinking?!, I'm vocalizing the words echoing in my head. They could have allowed for a normal transfer of power like every Congress has done for centuries. Where does he and his followers go from here?

Trump is known as 45 but that may change if he's convicted, sentenced, and locked up for 25 or so years in prison, after the 91 criminal counts he is charged with so far. 


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Fulton County DA Fani Willis, if you're listening, pleaase lock him up or hold Trump’s feet to the fire now that he has surrendered.

Then, ask the 77-year-old loser liar twice impeached and indicted multiple times as a criminal defendant facing 91 felony counts if he's and his posse is ready to face 2024 with many years behind bars after they are convicted.

What were these fools thinking?! They could have accepted the normal transfer of government like every Congress had done for centuries in our democratic Republic. 


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The elephant was MIA, but with 81 felony charges, he's more of a flight-risk criminal defendant who claims he'll surrender for Fani.

There is an elephant in every room but Donald Trump wasn’t inside this one because he was apparently too scared. But about last night's debate, the only person on the stage with a spine was a woman. Vivek kissed up to the former guy, who's a fat bum, while Pence and  DeSantis bombed.


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Prepare to listen to non-stop lying tonight as Republican rivals attempt to upstage each other while the big fat liar tries it online.

Be selective of who you decide to allow on your ship because they will sink the vessel if they are not capable of being the skipper. Ignorance has a troubling GOP voter tradition, especially in the red states. There are liars everywhere ready for hand-to-hand knock-down-drag-out fighting, where gouging, biting, and maiming are considered fair play.


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NYPD cops are apparently not just there to serve and protect just as the public wants them to be.

New York Police Department program designed to identify police officers likely to break departmental rules has red-flagged more than 100 cops for a second time — raising concerns that efforts to rein in potentially problematic officers are ineffective.

Since it began in August 2020, the NYPD’s Early Intervention Program — aimed at curbing bad police practices without disciplining


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Once there was a little KGB man who'd lie, cheat, and steal named Vladimir. He lied about everything and cheated in the Olympics.

He then became the tiny tin guy that world leaders were shuttling to Moscow to urge the Kremlin dictator to step back from the brink and call off any plans for a Ukraine attack.


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What about the children growing up under the thumb of the Unread Red States?

Why isn't everyone outraged? It is puzzling to learn that GOP governors, like Florida's Ron DeSantis and Texas's Greg Abbott, are throwing the people of their states into the garbage disposal with the possibility of destroying an entire generation of Americans.


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When we think of New York beaches, the first thing that comes into our mind is probably Montauk or Coney Island.