Actor’s Body Dumped In The Bronx

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The Green Book was a moving film. All of the actors, including Vallelonga, Jr., were excellent and also based on his family’s true story.

This motion picture heightened awareness of racial discrimination as non violent, destructive protest demonstrations can.

Paranoid Putin

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The Russians are coming for Putin's head as many families of young Russians fighting in Ukraine are hurting and and want him to stop.

As Russians are being plunged into a bleak winter where power outages and heating failures are freezing people to death Mad Vlad Putin is choosing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars prosecuting an illegal war in Ukraine instead of helping his own citizens.

While Moscow's missiles attack Ukraine, Russia’s own cities — in Siberia, the Altai Mountains, Baikal, to Kamchatka are freezing without central heating.

Dirty Rat Attack

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New York City is searching for a real Rodent Zar to combat those dirty rats and besides me, I know who may do an OKAY job.

As he likes to say, Only I can fix it... He's got what it takes to do the impossible. A virulent vehemence for vermin.  A background in destruction, and government experience. And most importantly, the drive, determination, and killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy.

He reportedly graduated from the Wharton School with a bachelor's degree in 1968, although his transcripts are unavailable. 

No Gain Brings Pain

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Are media organizations passing their pain on to the main lane of loyal employees who they feel have slowed their lack of gain?

And what about the audience which has to endure the gray days of Winter that are getting uglier. It seems as though every news organization may be shrinking toward next year through layoffs, hiring freezes, or otherwise downsizing.

Why do CNN and Gannet continue to lay off staff members at a record rate during the holiday season?

CNN lays off hundreds of staff

NYC Gridlock Traffic

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If you have a difficult commute, remember that one rough morning or afternoon drive does not define an entire holiday season. 

Welcome to December, aka Four awkward weeks of NYC gridlock limbo. Best of luck to every commuter slogging through. 

Skill-set Matters

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For years I have said that individual skills are increasingly as important as earning an advanced higher education degree. 

Gaining experience while pursuing a college degree is what I decided on. It allowed me to begin working and gaining experience immediately. Some types of professional positions or skilled trades may prefer candidates with relevant experience. During my internship, I developed important skills, and on-the-job training to handle real-world problems.

NYC Christmas Tree

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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is up, and decorated in the large complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres.


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Joy to the world #DONews #DOSEOFNEWS

Favorite Journalism Films

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As a longtime supporter and POYNTER participant, it is my pleasure to present the following result of its survey. asked on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit, and then compiled votes into a final list of favorites. They published a list before from senior media writer Tom Jones but wanted to hear from us. 

Did Dolan Drop The Ball?

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Charles Dolan, who once interviewed and hired me, passed the business ball to Jimmy, but couldn't he hold on and then dropped it?

Chuck hand-picked me to build News 12 The Bronx - This is why I like to call him Papa Dolan, who is the richest and most powerful Irish man in America. Starting off as a film projectionist, he went on to launch HBO and the rest is history. The 96-year-old media magnate is reportedly worth BILLION$.