In Latin America during the 70s and 80s, hundreds of thousands were tortured, killed and disappeared. (THEO VAN BOVEN ARCHIVE: It is inexplicable and indefensible for the United Nations not to react urgently to situations of gross violations of human rights). One courageous UN leader spoke out. 21st Century, Episode #108 The Van Boven Principles via @UNMultimedia #UN

In Europe it’s the biggest movement of people since World War II. Fleeing war, hardship and persecution. Many end up in Italian detention centres. 21st Century, Episode #108
Detained in Italy : Misery for Migrants and Refugees via @UNMultimedia #UN

In the Dominican Republic, people who live on the sugar-cane plantations have traditionally faced hardship and exclusion. But a new holistic approach to supporting them is opening up fresh possibilities. 21st Century, Episode #107 Fighting for Change via @UNMultimedia #UN

In Central Africa, Gorillas are on the edge of extinction. This is the story of their precarious survival – and one man’s devotion to protecting them. 21st Century, Episode #104 Guns, Guards and Gorillas: Republic of the Congo via @UNMultimedia #UN