Stirring The Pot


What do Trump and Nixon have in common? Could one argue that both went down for Pot for political reasons?

Following US Attorney General Sessions’ reversal of Obama-era marijuana guidelines, we seek truth and consequences on this decision for public health and safety, states’ rights, Trump’s own agenda, and more.
Why Sessions is wrong to reverse federal marijuana policy

AP Explains: Trump actions re-ignite states rights' debate

The US Justice Department has rescinded the Obama-era policy that had encouraged federal prosecutors in states with legalized marijuana laws not to prosecute ordinary pot users or dealers.

The move, which contradicts candidate Trump’s position, is likely to undermine the economics of legalization.

Especially in states like California.

On Capitol Hill, growing bipartisan numbers opposed to the move.

Some cops are, too.

DOJ Memo.

As the Trump administration turns on pot. And the attorney general loses more Republican allies. Jeff Sessions Is Running Out of Friends

Marijuana is a gateway drug to federalism. Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug to Federalism

It’s still not a crackdown; Sessions could have done worse. Sessions Still Is Not Leading a Cannabis Crackdown

Marijuana has been legalized in 8 states and Washington, DC and decriminalized – but not legalized – in 13

Pot industry frets then shrugs off Sessions' new policy

What's at stake in the U.S. federal government's war on marijuana?

Now, look back at Richard Nixon's War on Marijuana