Mourning Wake-Up Call


Acting with a judge's warrant, federal agents have searched the home of President Trump’s former campaign manager in Virginia. Investigators are reportedly following the money trail focusing on tax documents and banking records. Manafort’s Home Searched as Part of Mueller Inquiry

Manafort appears to be near the center of this probe. Manafort’s Home Searched as Part of Mueller Inquiry Analysis | Why is the FBI so interested in Paul Manafort that they were literally at his door before dawn?

PM's lawyer says he has been cooperating all along with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. FBI raided Manafort home as part of Russia probe @CNNPolitics

Why a search warrant and not a subpoena? FBI Search of Paul Manafort’s Home: What Does It Really Mean?

A primer on search warrants.

At least the feds went to the right house, and no one was shot dead during the search. Police Serve Warrant to Wrong Address, Kill Man Who Lives There

No dogs were shot and killed, either. Dog shot and killed while FBI serves warrant at Indianapolis home

The question of @POTUS immunity is wide open. Even if he cannot be indicted while in office the president has plenty of other legal problems to worry about from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

There are lots of issues at stake. Whether Trump is Immune from Prosecution–even if Mueller doesn’t indict