Mother's Day Weekend

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This is Mother's Day in the United States and many other countries. We pay tribute to all, who constantly show unconditional love and kindness. They give us beauty, brains, brawn, and grit. What are some of the many things we also got from our dear moms?

Intelligence, kindness, understanding, emotions and so many for me to list. And whether it's your first Mother's Day, like my daughter Sabrina, who sent us this lovely photo of her first baby and my newest granddaughter Olivia.

I also want to take a moment to pay tribute to Margarita B Soto, my dear mom who is gone but never forgotten my daughter Natasha who is a supermom of four wonderful grandchildren and my wife Yirong, who is also the proud mother of our son Yiliang.

Perhaps you've had a decade to ponder the importance and the impact our mothers have made on us,
CITY IMAGES wants to say thanks to all the moms and the mom-like figures out there in cyberspace.

Where would you take her if you could/ The Kentucky Derby, Shopping Spree, Botanical Gardens, Fancy Restaurant?

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Ub, wishing you and your family a happy mothers day. I'm thinking of my mom who we lost about 15 years ago. My father passed in 1962 and my mother never thought of remarrying. They loved eachother deeply and provided the relationship I always tried to emulate. Love you mom!

I tried to attach a photo of my mother and father in HTML in the above comment, guess it doesnt work like that. The link below is to a photo of my parents when they were young, a loving couple we should all try to be like.