Midnight Confession?


Will he become the spy who comes in from the cold? Bundle up, its bound to freeze up before it thaws out.
Russia's Vladimir Putin is expected to win a fourth term in office on Sunday with 69% percent of the vote, according to the latest survey by a state-run pollster.

With his political mandate lasting until 2024 a more pressing deadline lies on the horizon. Putin has until midnight to explain to Britain how a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union was used to strike down a former Russian double agent who passed secrets to British intelligence.

Russia is being fingered for the deployment a military grade nerve agent in a city of 40,000 people. Chemical warfare experts were sent to the scene and hundreds of British people may have been poisoned.

Britain gives Putin until midnight to explain nerve attack on former spy https://reut.rs/2DnMbmT

'Russia or whoever it may be.' Trump is not convinced Putin is behind the x-spy poisoning in Britain https://boingboing.net/2018/03/13/trumpsputin.html

Britain's accusations over the poisoning of ex-Russian spy raise questions about Trump-Putin relationship http://hill.cm/bdUxMj9

Midnight Confession - The Grass Roots https://youtu.be/LZaws6QoEIY


He's a cold blooded killer

Russian presidential elections are a scam as Vladimir Putin faces off against drunkards, lunatics, and future political prisoners.