Does He or Doesn't He?


Could it be that our flag hugging commander in chief sometimes forgets to salute the flag and does not really know the words to the national anthem? Could it be that he had a memory lapse or a senior moment? He claims to be a “very stable genius” or #VSG. What do you think? Read on and decide for yourself.

Some on Twitter think Trump sang the national anthem incorrectly. Watch for yourself

This is how Twitter reacted.

Not for nothing, but even the Brits noticed and reported it. BBC News - Did President Trump forget the words to the national anthem?

Trump mocked after appearing to forget words of national anthem

How to sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' effectively in public: A guide

Even one of his hometown papers, which is owned by a close friend reported it. Trump mocked for not fully singing National Anthem

President Trump Is Mocked for Apparently Forgetting the Words to the National Anthem

Trump attends college football championship @CNNPolitics

Trump sings the national anthem

After dad fails to sing anthem, Trump Jr. proudly tweets that's "how it's done"

However, these are not isolated cases, when #VSG forgets to salute the flag and has to be reminded by a foreign-born individual to outwardly show his respect.
Trump FORGETS TO SALUTE THE FLAG During Easter National Anthem

We wonder if this is also an act, or a problem worth investigating. Should all presidents be required to know certain basic facts to prove their allegiance? The Pledge of Allegiance words lyrics USA UNITED STATES Patriotic School...

Just to be fair, take a close look and see if you could lip sync for#VSG. The Star-Spangled Banner by All Star Karaoke download this at www.allsta...


Loser Don

Trump Epitomizes the Personal Failures He Tries to Pin on Black Folks @alternet