Artificial Intelligence


Recently, I saw some nut job interviewing Alexa, but after turning it off, I began to wonder about all artificial intelligence and the growing list of voice assistants like Siri, Bixby, and last but not least Alexa. These services may not be of much concern to us currently, but as far as the future is concerned, one never knows, does one?

Chatbots are often brought up as a new form of customer service and engagement on social media, but AI and voice assistants can also help crunch numbers that can lead to business decisions.

AI is assisting journalists to research faster and automate mundane tasks. Editors are even using AI to write certain types of articles based on raw data. In marketing, we’re also seeing strides in how AI can help more customers get answers faster with chatbots and how AI can help determine what type of content to share out on social channels. This will help social media managers focus more on human tasks like customer engagement

Big data companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have developed voice assistants that are getting smarter and more helpful. At some point, we can ask our voice assistants to brainstorm with us or help us quickly research a topic or provide an opinion in a matter of seconds.

Would you like to know who to reach out to about a certain issue, or which trending topics may impact you? Voice assistants are capable of answering fast.

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